40 Happy And Easy Activities For Toddlers Over 2

40 Happy And Easy Activities  For Toddlers Over 2

Your child can now play with toys by himself/herself, use his/her body much more skillfully, use various tools/instruments and participate in complex games.



Your child can now play with toys by himself/herself, use his/her body much more skillfully, use various tools/instruments and participate in complex games. Being a part of his/her development process will be a joy for you as much as watching these magnificent developments take place. We have prepared 40 activities that will fill your baby with joy, benefit his/her physical and mental development and can be performed with simple objects that are usually available at home. These activities that are recommended by Molfix will help develop your child’s skills as well as his/her happy and healthy growth.

1) Decorate your designs made of play-dough with pieces of spaghetti and other types of pasta.

2) Read the first 3 pages of a story book and then make up the rest of the story together with your child.

3) He/she becomes the doctor, you the nurse and his/her dolls are patients that come for examination/treatment.

4) Go outside on a hunt of colours. Arrange a competition to find the plants and objects in the colour you choose.

5) Look at the family photographs together. Ask him/her to guess who the family members are from their childhood and youth pictures.

6) Make a castle out of chairs and blankets. Use bed linen that completely covers the top of the dining table to convert the underneath into a secret tent.

7) Try to find the details shown in the pictures in books around you. This will teach him/her to look at things more carefully and observe details better.

8) When the weather is suitable, try to eat lunch outside. If you have a garden you can go out in the garden, or take your lunch with you to the park.

9) Encourage your child to make pictures by using varied paints. Let him/her use water colours, colouring pencils, finger paints and crayons at the same time. This will help him/her discover how to use his/her creativity by using different kinds of paint. 

10) Use stickers to mark his/her way from the room to the kitchen or the corridor.

11) Water the flowers, plant a flower, grow vegetables together.

12) Contribute to his/her problem-solving skills by playing with jig-saw puzzles, toy blocks, or memory cards.

13) Dance together.

14) Make cookies in different shapes, cakes and muffins. Let him/her eat the cream by dipping his/her finger in it.

15) Prepare home-made clothing articles for his/her dolls.

16) Make funny faces and take pictures together.

17) Play games that children never get bored of like hide and seek, tag, or hopscotch.

18) Hug each other frequently.

19) If you live near the sea or lake side, take a walk on the beach. If not, then you may choose to go to a park with a pond.

20) Visit the library together.

21) Call your family members on the phone together. Encourage him/her to call his/her grandparents, uncles, or aunts.

22) Encourage him/her to help with the housework. When you are doing housework he/she can use a suitable cloth to dust his/her room.

23) Mix and match the clothing articles at home to dress up as different characters. You can also stage a theatre play together.

24) Play “School” with you as the teacher and him/her as the student.

25) Blow soap bubbles together.

26) Make clip art on paper.

27) Jump up and down on the bed together.

28) Take the photographs of nature together.

29) Organise a tea party together with the toys.

30) Exercise cutting by using blunt scissors and knives that are specifically made for children to use.

31) Read a book, draw a picture, listen to music together outdoors.

32) Clean/wash your car and/or your child’s bicycle together.

33) Put the chairs back to back to create the inside of a plane or a train to play with.

34) Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes from fruits like watermelon, apples, etc. and create happy snack times.

35) Encourage your child to play by himself/herself. Remember that you don’t need to entertain him/her 7 days 24 hours and that playing on his/her own would benefit him/her in developing personality.

36) Make fruit jelly and hide mini toys in the jelly. Ask him/her to find and take out the toy in the jelly with his/her hands. Although this is a messy game it is beneficial to your child’s sensory development.

37) When the weather is nice swim in the sea or pool together. You can fill in the inflatable kids’ pools with water for him/her to enjoy and cool-off in warm weather. Water games help the development of kids’ fine and gross motor skills.

38) Play counting games together. You can count the flowers in the garden or his/her toys.

39) Play shape finding games with him/her. You can arrange a competition of finding round objects in your house.

40) Make colour arrangements. Ask him/her to group the toys according to their colours.

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