Babies Who Grow U P Safely And Securely (While Bathing-sleeping-on The Road)

Babies Who Grow U P Safely And Securely (While Bathing-sleeping-on The Road)

Your baby’s watchful eyes keeps track of the world.


(While bathing-Sleeping-On the road)

Your baby’s watchful eyes keeps track of the world. There are so many things to discover, learn and try... and not just for your baby... your outlook on life has also changed with the birth of your baby. Your coffee table, which was once nothing but a decorative object in your home, is, today, a barrier that you have to remove to ensure that your baby can move around comfortably. It is important that he/she is safe in his/her pursuit of discoveries and experiments in order to ensure his/her development is a happy and healthy one.

Your baby safe in his/her sleep...

It is essential for your baby to sleep deeply and comfortably to achieve happy and healthy growth. Most mothers use bed or crib safety rails of sufficient height to prevent the baby from falling or climbing out of the bed/crib, thus ensuring that the baby’s sleep is not interrupted. The foldable safety rails that are available for most baby beds offer a convenient solution as they provide secure bedding for your baby. Taking sleep safety a step further, you can also lay down soft cushions beside your baby’s bed to soften the impact if she falls out or, if necessary, can place the mattress on the floor.   

Does your baby have a soft and cuddly toy to hug before falling asleep peacefully? Games and toys are the best tools to establish a connection between your baby and her world and teach her the things she needs to learn regarding life. That is to say games are not just for entertainment, but rather act like a stage on which life is played out. If your baby wishes to take some of the toys with which she shares this/her stage to sleep with her, then we recommend that you choose a soft toy that does not contain small parts and long ties or string and something that is not too big as to interrupt her sleep.

Are you ready to go on the road with your baby?

As you may well know, it is legally compulsory to transport your baby in a car seat. This/her is a fantastic development to ensure the safe transportation of your baby. However, do you think the matter is closed when you place the baby in the car seat? Where your baby’s safety is concerned, it is very important for babies younger than 1 year of age to have the infant carrier securely fastened on the back seat of your car facing opposite the flow of the traffic. If you have fastened the car seat for your baby on one of the rear passenger seats without an airbag and put on the child lock on the door and window adjacent to the car seat, you’re ready to safely embark on your journey. 

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