About Molfix

About Molfix

Molfix continues to be the most reliable choice of millions of mothers in more than 100 countries for since 1998.

Mothers' Companion Molfix

Motherhood is an enjoyable journey of discovery where you grow up with your baby.

In this journey, there is also turning into a hero with the inner strength of motherhood, and needing to feel adequate...

Along this journey, mothers re-learn creativity, resilience, patience, and details that they could not realize in life with their babies. Every mother realizes the strength and change in herself with her baby, grows, and changes with it.

Molfix is here to help babies discover the world, discover the power, what they can do, and creativity in their mothers by making them always feel comfortable, and to be their companion on this magnificent journey!

Global Brand Molfix

Molfix started production in Turkey in 1998. Now, Molfix has been used by mothers in more than 100 countries since 1998. It touched the lives of millions of babies during his nearly quarter-century journey and made mothers smile.

Molfix is the world's 5th largest diaper brand!

Molfix is the best companion of mothers in their adventure of raising their babies.
The biggest supporter of babies' comfort and smiles.

According to Molfix's production approach, all babies deserve the best.
Believing that every baby deserves the best, Molfix offers innovative and high-quality products within the reach of everyone and produces for the health of babies in 7 factories on different continents.

Mothers in different countries of the world also prefer the quality of Molfix, and it maintains its market leadership in many geographies.

5th Molfix is the world's 5th largest diaper brand!
7 7 Factories in different countries
100 Export more than 100 countries