Methods To Prevent Diaper Rash For Healthy And Happy Babies

Methods To Prevent Diaper Rash For Healthy And Happy Babies

Remember the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea?

Methods To Prevent Diaper Rash For Healthy And Happy Babies


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Dr. Berna Elkabes, Pediatrics Specialist

Remember the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea? How just one pea under the deep cushioning of several mattresses disturbed the sensitive princess? If the parents of the princess were a part of the fairy tale, they would have immediately removed that pea prior to bedtime. Exactly like what you would have done...

To ensure that little princesses and/or princes live happily ever after, you may need to come up with new solutions for different needs. To ensure that they feel more comfortable and peaceful, one of the issues you need to take care of is “diaper rash”. You can overcome this/her problem that every mother faces before it even grows into the size of a pea. Listen to Molfix for golden tips on preserving the comfort of your baby.

There are many products on the market developed by varied brands to act against and cure diaper rash. However, this/her does not mean that every product will suit your baby. To make the best choice, closely monitor the reaction of your baby’s skin to the products used, and when necessary switch to a different product. If your baby’s skin is especially allergic and/or excessively sensitive, you can seek the advice of your pediatrist and/or dermatologist regarding the choice of a product.

Suggestions regarding diaper rash

Change your baby’s diaper regularly every few hours and keep her bottom dry and clean at all times. Do not neglect to change her wet diaper at night when she is sleeping. You must change your baby’s diaper without delay, especially after a bowel movement.

Clean the area of the diaper carefully with each diaper change. Instead of the wet wipes that contain alcohol or perfumes, choose products that gently clean and are suitable for the sensitive skin of your baby. You can try Molfix baby wipes that are alcohol and paraben free.

Take care to clean your baby’s skin gently as if you are caressing him/her. When possible, wash your baby’s bottom under warm water (with only water, without using soap or similar products) and dry when clean.

Following each diaper change, use a cream against rash that would form a protective layer on your baby’s skin. Apply the cream not only on the diaper area but also on your baby’s groin as well as the folds on legs. Baby powder is no longer recommended due to various undesirable effects.

We recommend the use of a high quality diaper that will allow your baby freedom of movement, let your baby’s skin breathe, and absorb the wetness promptly and completely, just like Molfix.

In the spring and summer seasons, in particular, when the weather is warm, or in a warm household environment in cold seasons, seek opportunities to remove your baby’s diaper and let fresh air come in contact your baby’s skin.

Breastfeed your baby as long as possible. Breast milk improves the immunity system of your baby against infections in general. This/her way your baby’s need for antibiotics will be reduced and consequently the rash caused by antibiotics will be avoided.

If you start seeing symptoms of rash once you introduce solid foods to your baby’s diet, immediately cut out acidic foods, like tomatoes, spinach, orange and similar.

If your baby is a girl, take care to clean her bottom from front to the back to protect her against infections.

If there is a baby sitter or daycare personnel taking care of your baby, remind your babysitter to implement the measures mentioned here.

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